Andrei Makhov

Resident Head Chef of Café Pushkin.
In 1999 Andrei Makhov was invited to head the kitchen of a restaurant that had not yet opened. “Andrei Dellos won me over with one thing he said, which I still love to repeat. He said, ‘Café Pushkin is a place our grandchildren will visit,” Makhov later recalled.

The idea was that the menu at Café Pushkin would present dishes from Pushkin’s own times, both Russian and French. In other words, it was not an easy task – to take a historic recipe and adapt it to modern times. Preparing the menu took no less than a year of culinary experiments and detailed research, combing through hundreds of historic recipes.
“Working in the dining hall with our guests became a regular part of the life of every staff member. We were obsessed and inspired by the ideas and customs of Pushkin’s times. Nothing but the best would do – and that’s why it has all succeeded.”